Shaolin Kung Fu
SHAOLIN KUNG FU Testimonials:

Mike–1st Degree Black Sash: "I did extensive research on other martial arts schools in the area before selecting Shaolin Kung Fu for my family and myself. The quality of Shifu Mehus' instruction is impeccable and the atmosphere is friendly. He has a special gift for teaching children and adults!"

Teresa–2st Degree Black Sash: "Kung Fu training has made me stronger, healthier, more flexible, more patient, more confident, more disciplined and thinner!...I have lost about twenty-five pounds doing Kung I burned fat and built muscle...My sons are learning patience and have surprised themselves with the things that they have accomplished."

Scott–2nd Degree Black Sash: "I have gained 20 pounds of muscle since I started this class. I feel better than I have in years."

Dave–Red Sash: "From the very first day I met Shifu Mehus it was clearly evident that he held the tenets of the Martial arts in high regard...his goal is to give his students the confidence and skills necessary for self defense by providing a fun and exciting means to stay fit...and instill the values of honesty, courage, perseverance, humility, respect and patience into his students."

Chad–Red Sash: "SKF is one of the best cardio workouts I've ever had. The classes are laid-back and taught in a friendly, open atmosphere. Athletic ability is not a requirement and the exercise allows for study at your own pace."

Brian–Purple Sash: "Kung Fu has been a rare situation where doing something healthy is actually fun. Getting exercise no longer feels like a chore because I always look forward to the next class and always leave feeling better than when I came...generally improved sense of overall well-being."

Jenny–Purple Sash: "Kung Fu is the first fitness program that my twin sister Britt and I have stuck with....we have enjoyed our classes as they are fun, challenging, and empowering."

Britt–Green Sash: "Our instructor [Shifu Mehus] has an amazing ability to teach at each individual's skill level."

Val–Yellow Sash: "In Kung Fu, my children and I have discovered a lifelong activity to gain strength, balance, coordination, muscle tone and overall fitness together. Shifu Mehus is uniquely gifted in teaching students as diverse in age as they are in ability."

Joe–White Sash: "I have found that Shaolin Kung Fu has complemented my other activities - such as volleyball. I am stronger, more flexible, and have better balance."


KID FU Testimonials:

Anthony, 7 y.o.–White Sash: "Everyone should take Kung-Fu to learn self-defense. It also helps you build strong muscles!"

Samantha, 10 y.o.–White Sash: "Kung-Fu is fun and gives you confidence too! It's also fun to earn your belts."

Aaron, 10 y.o.-Yellow Sash I: "[Shifu] is a great teacher! He's really understanding and really nice."

Daniel, 13 y.o.–Yellow Sash III: "Kung Fu is good exercise....It gives you muscles and strength and teaches you moves for self defense. Plus it's fun."

Tanner, 10 y.o.–Orange Sash I: "I like Kid Fu because the instructors are nice and helpful. It is fun to earn each new sash. Shaolin Kung Fu helps me relieve stress, and helps me be more calm. I am able to control my anger better at school. It also has helped me be more flexible and coordinated in other sports."

Tyler, 10 y.o.–Orange Sash III: "[Kid Fu] helps me to stay focused and confident. I have a great instructor."

Nicholas, 8 y.o,–Blue Sash I: "Our Shifu, is really patient with us, and I think it's really fun...when I receive a sash, it feels like I've really earned something....I've made some really good friends, and the teachers are really nice."


Parent Testimonials:

Mr. Perkins, parent of 8 y.o.: "Kid Fu under Shifu Mehus has helped our son develop a sense of what it takes to set goals and method to achieve them."

Tong & Lijin, parents of 5 & 8 y.o.: "We are mostly impressed by the amount of confidence you have in him, which in turn boosts his self-confidence. This helps him to make more rapid progress. Although you have many students to teach, you are able to pay a tremendous amount of individual attention and care to them. We are very grateful for that."

Mark, parent of 10 y.o. with PANDAS neurological disorder: "We've tried other forms of martial arts with other teachers before for our son, and none have been as successful for him as Shaolin Kung Fu under Shifu Mehus. It's the only program where our boy feels supported and respected enough to really try. You would not believe how great it was for him when he achieved his very first sash level--he was simply bursting with joy!"