Shaolin Kung Fu

Course Description:

Kung Fu: the Chinese art of fitness and self-defense. All of the martial arts stem from Chinas Kung Fu. It's more than a kicking, punching, and self-defense class. Kung Fu is used to improve fitness, self-defense, and awareness. You will learn proper techniques and traditional styles of Shaolin Kung Fu while you improve your strength, coordination, flexibility, discipline, health, and confidence in a fun fast paced relaxed atmosphere. Certification through Black Belt available.

The Adult Program goes under the name Shaolin Kung Fu and the Children's Program is operated under Kid Fu; collectively referred to as National Martial Arts Association, Inc. d/b/a Shaolin Kung Fu and Kid Fu.

Short Description:

Learn the proper techniques and traditional styles of Shaolin Kung Fu in a fun non-competitive relaxed atmosphere allowing you to progress from beginner to black belt at your own speed and ability. Improve your strength, balance, flexibility, discipline, health, and confidence in this full participation class.

Course Objectives/Benefits:

Shaolin Kung Fu (SKF) teaches a progressive program from Beginner through Black Belt. Upon the completion of each quarter the student will have progressed in his/her learning and ability. As the student progresses through the program more advanced techniques in all areas are taught and perfected. The student upon conclusion of each quarter will have learned and/or mastered various Form routines necessary to practice offensive and defensive tactics, proper stances to improve strength and balance, kicking and punching techniques, blocking and self-defense techniques, proper sparring tactics, health, confidence, cardiovascular, proper breathing techniques, concentration, flexibility, and improved conditioning and coordination along with a better awareness of your surroundings. Upon completion of required material an optional promotional examination is offered to those students eligible to advance to the next level, which will include performing those skills and techniques learned during instruction based on the level of experience and rank of the student. As a student advances through the program Tai Chi and instrument techniques are incorporated into the instruction including such items as staff, broadsword, spear, and fan routines.

Method of Instruction

Instruction is based on multiple levels to assure understanding and development of proper techniques. Instruction includes demonstration, lecture, question and answer, role-playing, real-life situations, repetition of techniques, one-on-one participation, and peer group interaction and mentoring.



Classes are held in one hour increments. Any and all tuition fees are to be payable to the Athletic Club, or School District, not to SKF.

Class availability:

Classes are taught a variety of days and locations. Here is a list of locations.

As classes grow and additional skill levels are added, an additional hour of instruction would become necessary so that the more advanced students could continue to learn so as to assure proper instruction and class participation in higher level techniques.

Required Equipment or Supplies:

The beginning student is not required to purchase anything. Comfortable loose fitting clothing is recommended to achieve the maximum benefits and comfort. Basic SKF Uniforms are available for from SKF for an additional cost.


Tests are conducted at the end of each session. Upon receipt of a Promotional Examination Invitation as delivered by Shifu, the student has been deemed eligible to test and advance to the next sash level. There is an additional fee for the test which will include certification and sash. The certification and sash will be awarded upon review and determination of succussfully passing the exam requirements. The White Sash test fee is $30.00. All test fees are payable to SKF.